January 24th-26th, 2020  Pensacola, FL


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact EFS departments?

You can always reach the department heads at their e-mail addresses:

Registration (Brandon Senterfit aka "Brad the Colf") - Registration@EmeraldsFurSummit.org

Dealers Den (Luci Emerson aka "Wild Gadget") - Dealers@EmeraldsFurSummit.org

Programming (Jacob Breeden aka "Schande") - Programming@EmeraldsFurSummit.org

Operations & Volunteer Services (Christopher Henderson aka "Cobalt") - Operations@EmeraldsFurSummit.org

Chairman (Winston Henderson aka "Kabba") - CEO@EmeraldsFurSummit.org


Can I register online?
Yes! You can do so by navigating to the Registration section of the website.
Can I register at the door?
Yes. All membership registration types will be available at the door. We will also be offering a 1-day membership pass which will ONLY be available at the door. The full breakdown of our at-the-door membership options will be displayed on the registration page.

Where do I go to pick up my badge?
At Registration, which will be in the main lobby.
What sort of ID do I need? 
We need current, government-issued photo ID so that we can make sure nobody other than you is trying to pick up your badge, or register in your name. The four types of ID that are usually sufficient on their own are: A driver's license, a state-issued ID card, a passport, or a military ID. If you do not have any of the above, we still need ID or documents to prove your identity. Overall ID that includes photo and your date of birth is essential. Contact registration if you are unsure or need assistance. If you are wearing a fursuit or mask of any sort, please remove said mask at registration so we can match you to your ID.
My name is, or will be, different than the name on my Photo ID. What should I do? 
Emerald’s Fur Summit understands complications with the changing of legal names. We advise you to register for Emerald’s Fur Summit under the name that will match the Photo ID you will present at the convention, or to bring court documentation of a legal name change. We understand that for some individuals their current legal name may not be their desired name, but it is what we must check ID against.
How will I know I have registered?
At the time your registration is processed, an email will be sent to the email account you provided on your registration form.
I didn't see the notification email. Is there another way to verify the status of my registration?
Contact our registration department at registration(at)EmeraldsFurSummit.org
I am under 18 years of age. Can I still go to Emerald’s Fur Summit?
We welcome attendees of all ages. Anyone 16 or older and able to present a valid government-issued photo identification (“ID”) may register to attend any general audience events. Anyone between 13 and 17 years of age, excluding anyone between 16 and 17 with ID, will require a parent or legal guardian (“parent”) present at registration on site. Parents must have a valid ID, and will be responsible for anyone in their care. (You must have your own parent or legal guardian with you to receive your badge.) Anyone 12 and under is admitted free and should not register online, but must be accompanied at all times either by a parent or a chaperone. Chaperones must be designated by the parent at the time of registration. Anyone under 18 may not enter areas designated for mature audiences.
What sort of identification will I need when I pick up my badge?
We accept government-issued ID that bears both your picture and your date of birth. Examples are a valid driver's license, a passport, or a state-issued ID card. A school ID is not acceptable on its own. We would want some form of secondary ID to go along with it.
I do not have any form of picture I.D. How do I get into the convention?
We suggest that you find some form of photo I.D. We cannot admit anyone who is not able to show legal identification. Most states offer I.D. cards for people who do not wish to or are unable to obtain a drivers' license. If you cannot obtain a state-issued photo I.D., we will need some form of official I.D. that bears your picture (a school I.D., for example) and a second piece of identification that bears your date of birth (a birth certificate, for example). If you are in doubt, then bring as many pieces of identification as you can get your hands on.
How do I change my badge name, my address on file, fix a spelling error, etc?
Contact our registration department at registration(at)EmeraldsFurSummit.org. Please include your legal name, badge name, and badge number with these requests. Badges will be printed a few days prior to the convention so if the change request is sent after that date, we cannot guarantee the changes will be reflected on your badge.
Can I get multiple badges, so my fursuits can have different ones?
No. Emerald’s Fur Summit has a one-badge-per-attendee policy for security reasons. We do permit blank 'badge names', which offer anonymity without compromising security.
What if I lose my badge at the convention? 
Check con ops, otherwise we don’t do reprints this year.

Refund Policy

We are only able to refund your membership within 120 days from the date you pre-registered. If you request a refund after that window of time, we can offer you a credit towards a membership the following year. We are unable to offer refunds after the pre-registration cut off date due to the timing of printing occurring at that time.

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